WTFJeans V3 has launched!

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Its 2014, and youre still wearing jeans designed in 1853? Click here to upgrade.

What a crazy weekend!

We officially launched the V3 on Saturday, at 9 am in the morning (Eastern European time), after a wild launch party on Friday night featuring 2 live bands – “Caracas” and “Country Strike”. Awesome.

Introducing the V3!

The Croatian websites published the news first, and as we progressed into morning hours in North America, Mashable published the news, and our Tweetdeck started singing.

For a while, it seemed like we might have been a worldwide trending topic, but that requires about 2 hours of several tweets per second, and we didn’t quite make it this time around.

Orders started pouring in, emails, questions, requests and so on. Then we started seeing a bunch of orders with Visa 3d being rejected. (It turns out that because our merchant account is somewhat new, it takes a while for the database of banks of other countries to update with our information, much like the way DNS server information propagates.) The 3d secure feature is working fine in Croatia, and should be working in all other countries soon.

In any event, we managed to pull through it all and have a monumental heap of large publications just waiting to publish our story.

So, here are the 2 big new exciting features we’ve been promising, on top of the new WTFPocket being streamlined into the inside of the jeans, many design upgrades and pockets for your hands (which you can read about here)

EMF Radiation shields!

Some people might start thinking we’ve gone over the edge with this feature, but to heck with them.

We make these jeans for ourselves, our friends, and our fans.

So we added a shield to help protect ourselves from cell-phone radiation, because we were always uncomfortable with the fact that EMF Radiation is constantly blasting from our phone.

Introducing the V3!

Now, there have been many studies, involving many scientists from many countries conducting extensive studies to determine the negative effects of cell-phone radiation, and some say it causes all sorts of problems, and other studies say it does almost nothing to you.

The grand summary of it all?

Basically: The long term negative effects of this radiation are inconclusive, but it’s a good idea to keep your cell phone away from your body when not in use.

Re-assuring, isn’t it?

One thing is not disputed… the fact that a whole lot of that EMF radiation is being absorbed by our body’s tissues near the phone.

Well, we wanted to be VERY comfortable with the fact that we have a phone in our pockets, dammit.

So we found all sorts of radiation shielding, including one very impressive copper-mesh fabric that blocks 99.999% of the EMF radiation passing through it.

We built a “shield” of this stuff, and a custom receptacle for it into the back of the WTFPocket to hold it there securely between your iPhone and your body, so it will reduce the EM radiation in the parts of your body nearest to the smartphone, the parts which are most powerfully radiated by the smartphone.

Being the geeks that we are… we had to find out empirically just how well it works, so we wrapped our phones in this stuff, and sure enough, they didn’t work anymore! We can put a video of that up, if you want… just let us know in the comments.

Liquid and stain-proofing

Using nanotechnology, humanity has figured out how to make jeans repel water and stains, and it’s about time.

It’s amazing technology, and it has been used in clothing for years, but it just hasn’t hit mass market yet because the jeans need to be shipped to a highly-specialized nanotechnology company, and then go through several processes to be treated.

But, we wanted to wear the best jeans in the world, so this had to be a feature… And it is probably the most entertaining feature on these jeans…

Introducing the V3!

This water and stain repellency is a result of a few treatments, which embed nano-scale particles throughout the fabric. While these particles remain separate, they are so small and close together, that the inherent static electrical forces between them create a sort of “static barrier” that reduces the angle of incidence and contact area of the water, so it almost doesn’t even touch the fabric.. it basically just “beads up” , and slides right off!

Even if you dump a gallon of mustard, chocolate sauce and gravy on them and hose it off with water, you and your iPhone will remain dry! (provided you don’t pour liquid directly into the pocket)

It lasts at full strength for 20-40 washes or so, depending on daily wear & tear, and harshness of laundry detergent, but since they stay clean much longer than normal jeans, they don’t need to be washed nearly as much.

You can ride your bike in the rain, and eat a messy cheeseburger lunch,  and still show up to work, with your pants (and iPhone) clean and dry.

Heck, you can even just hose your pants down with a garden hose once in a while, as the water will pick up dirt particles just loosely hanging onto the surface and carry them off with it, as it rolls off.

We’ve also added the ability for you to get a custom tailored size, and even add in a personalization message.

So that’s it. The most amazing features on what are probably the most advanced pair of jeans in the world…

Check out this short (under 3 minute) video we made explaining all the features here:


and get your pair on our main page, while we still have your size in stock.

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