3 free pairs of jeans given away

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Its 2014, and youre still wearing jeans designed in 1853? Click here to upgrade.

We’ve organized a contest3 days – 3 tweets – 3 free pairs of wtfJeans“. People had to tweet the reason why should we give a free pair of our jeans to them.

If I knew how hard it is when one has to decide and choose a winner – I would gladly give that job to someone else! :) I felt so bad that I had to choose just one winner every day, and it was hard because each day I was struggling to choose not between 2 or 3, but much more great tweets.

Well, at the end we’ve finalized it, and today it’s finished and we have 3 winners. They are:

First Day – 28/06/10

@I am from the future and I need to win or your company will exterminated in the great jean war of 2044

Second Day – 29/06/10

@Ok, I admit: I want #wtfJeans to make Chuck Norris jealous. He is such a looser

Third Day – 30/06/10

@Terminator and Chuck Norris already won #wtfjeans. Now its time for a pirate or ninja to win one....

We’ve received so many great tweets, and a lot of people have participated. And some of them were sending lots of tweets while some others were participating each day.

Well, this morning we’ve decided to do something nice for all of them. We can’t give a free pair of jeans to everyone, but what we can do is to give them promo-code for a discount. ;) So, we’ve prepared and sent via DM’s the codes with EarlyBird price, which is 28% discount of the Regular price.

Winners are happy, participants are happy, and we’re happy… This was a pretty nice week … :)

If 007 Wore Jeans
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