Let’s Get One Thing Straight: Things That Don’t Make You a Geek

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I started writing a post about things that make you a true geek. Thinking about it, I got to conclusion that geeks know that they are geeks and they don’t need anyone to tell them what they are. This is a post about things that don’t make you a geek, since there’s a lot of people who don’t understand what being a geek is.

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Wearing big hipster glasses

A lot of people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer will probably need to wear a glasses, but wearing a pair of glasses just because you think they make you look smarter is just silly. Glasses will not make you a geek.

A shirt with a geek sign

Nope, seeing a shirt with a “Geek” sign won’t make me believe you’re a geek. If you want to show off your geekiness with a clothing item, get a shirt with a sign that only geeks among us understand. Btw, getting a pair of WTFJeans will help too. ;)

A smartphone

These days having a smartphone isn’t a big deal. Almost everyone has one. It’s important how you use it, not just the fact you have it.

Being a social media addict

Everybody has a profile on some social network, from school kids to grandparents. That doesn’t make you a geek. Not anymore. If you use them 24/7, that’s called being an addict, being an addict doesn’t mean you’re a geek.

Watching Star Wars & etc

First time I’ve seen Star Wars, I was three. I wasn’t a geek back then, but I enjoyed the movies. I can call myself a Star Wars geek now when I know a lot of random trivia about the movie that other people don’t know. Do you know ehich Sith Lord was responsible for initiating the Rule of Two? To what planets were the Sith species native?  Darth Nihilus is the lord of what? No? Sorry, you just like Star Wars, that’s not being a geek.

If 007 Wore Jeans
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