The Truth About Smartphone Users

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This year the number of worldwide smartphone users topped one billion, so is pretty obvious that smartphones are not reserved only for the geeks among us. We did out best to find out the most common smartphone users.

The Truth About Smartphone Users
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It doesn’t matter if they are iPhone or Android users, fanboys easily get excited about every single news about their favorite smartphone platform. Every fanboy is a true fan from the day one. iPhone fanboys had iPhone 1, and every single iPhone after that. Android users do that too. Pro tip: never argue with a fanboy if you don’t have his point of view.


I’d call them advanced Android users. I’m not saying that iPhone users can’t be hackers, Jailbreak can be complicated. If you’re not an advanced user, you probably won’t get a word they are saying. Talking about flashing, custom ROMs, overclocking… They sometimes go so far that the OS they are using looks like a completely new OS.

Technologically challenged moms and dads

Some parents try to follow their kids footsteps when it comes to today’s technology, and some will get a smartphone as a present. They are going to complain how hard is to type on the touchscreen. They are going to frequently ask their kids for help. When they do something wrong, they will blame it on the stupid phone that doesn’t work.

Social media oversharer

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Foodspotting, Tumblr, Pinterest, Get Glue, Run Keeper… I could go on and on. Oversharers have an account on every single possible social network and an smartphone app for it. Their smartphones are perfect tools for sharing their step. Making sure their Facebook friends and Twitter followers know their every thought, checking in with Foursquare so everybody can now where they are, sharing photos of it on Instagram, letting everybody know what they’ve ate, record movies and series they watch on Get Glue, making sure everybody knows they exercise thanks to Run Keeper. Boy, how they ever find time to do all of that?


These days it’s almost impossible to avoid smartphones when your working. Workaholics check their emails every ten minutes, reply to them instantly, their phone is buzzing all the time. They don’t like it, they see it as a necessary evil. They swear to God that their are going to turn off their phones on vacations, holidays and weekends. Of course, that never happens.

Which one are you?

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