The Re-Invention Happens Here – V3

Posted November 17th, 2013 by Anamaria in wtfJeans with Comments Off
Its 2014, and youre still wearing jeans designed in 1853? Click here to upgrade.

We are back again! For the last three months we worked on V3 model which is definitively going to surprise you!

The Re-Invention Happens Here - V3

After the famous iPhone pocket lined with micro-fiber, which is still here, we wanted to give you a few new features that will definitely change your habits of wearing jeans. After you get your pair of of V3 model, we promise you nothing will be the same. :)

As every story, V3 story also has it’s beginning. That’s why we want to start with giving you $30. OK, we want something in return, we want you to solve this puzzle. :)

If 007 Wore Jeans
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