10 Geeky DIY Christmas Decorations

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Traditional Christmas decorations are nice, but they don’t pop out as something unusual and cool. And lets be honest, every geek should have at least something geeky in their Christmas decorations. Don’t worry, you don’t have to search on ebay or the rest of Internet and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on new decorations, there is a much better way to have a geeky Christmas. Make your own decorations with things you already have at home. Include your family or friends in the project, it will be really fun.

1. Christmas wreath made of computer parts

We all have computer parts, cables and floppy discs somewhere collecting dust, don’t we? All you need is a base for your geek wreath. Use your old Christmas wreath, remove the old decorations from it and start gluing on it old computer parts. Make a bow from a network cable and that is it. It’s fast and everybody can do it, and it looks cool.

[via E&T]

2. Star Wars snowflakes

If you are too busy to make something creative, but you still want a cool geeky decoration, this is the answer. You can download twelve PDF files with different Star Wars characters, print it and just cut it. Or even better, give it to the kids in your family, it’s quicker. ;)

[via Anthony Herrera]

3. Geek Nativity scene

If your old figures from the Nativity scene don’t look good anymore, just remove them and use your action figures, legos or anything else you can find. This will surely make everyone laugh. Warning: if you are using your kids toys, make sure you ask first.

[via Robot Mutant]

4. Bacon ornament

Making a bacon will take more time, but who wouldn’t want to have something like this on their tree? :) You’ll need some red and white felt, red and white thread, wire and a ribbon. To make it easier, you can print out the pattern and voilà, you have a cute bacon on your tree.

[via Seremeres]

5. Potter’s Golden Snitch

The golden snitch looks awesome and really hard to make, but actually it can’t be simpler. You just need a old gold ornament (or just use a gold spray if you don’t have any gold ornaments), a little wire to make the wins and some sparkly fabric to cover the wings. You don’t need more than a minute to make wings, after your done, just glue the on it ornament.

[via Tiny Apartment Crafts]

6. Charlie Brown ornaments

Everybody loves Charlie Brown and you should make some space for him on your Christmas tree. This one is a bit harder than the rest of Do-it-yourself decorations, you need to have a basic sewing skills.You just need a little bit of fabric, a good tutorial and a little free time. I’m sure it will look awesome. :)

[via A Little Gray]

7. Make a statement with your ornaments

Not all of us were born with a lot of creativity, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to make cool stuff. Paint your old ornaments white and write anything you want. Wouldn’t be cool to have the entire tree decorated like this?

[via Etsy]

8. Angry Birds ornaments

These days you can’t do a DIY project without making at least one Angry bird. You just need a a little fabric, cotton for stuffing, basic sewing skills and a little time. You can even turn this into a present, who would like to get something like this?

[via Walyou]

9. Big Bang Theory ornaments

Decorate your tree with the characters from your favorite show. Since finding the actors and hanging them up on your tree wouldn’t be very practical (or legal), you can buy beads in different colors and glue them together to make a cool 8bit ornaments.

[via Etsy]

10. CD ornaments

If you have a lot of CDs you don’t use, make the best of them. Cut them up into any shape you want and decorate your tree or hang them up on walls and windows. Even without any cutting, CDs make a good decoration.

[via Nigel's Eco Store]

Have yourself a geeky little Christmas. ;)

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