Survival Tips: What To Do When Facebook Is Down

Posted December 27th, 2012 by Anamaria in Life with Comments Off
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At the moment, Facebook is having big problems. If you’re refreshing Facebook every few seconds, you’re in the place. I’m sure we can expect a surge in productivity in offices, but if you’re at home, we’re bringing you a list what to do when Facebook is down.


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1. Get on Twitter.

Twitter is a great place to complain if Facebook isn’t working. In fact, Facebook is trending at the moment, so you can share your pain with the rest of the world. So, tweet about it till you bring Twitter down. Just remember, when Twitter goes down, you can always complain on Facebook. Ohhh wait, if Facebook is still down, what will you do?

2. Call a friend

Remember the times when you actually talked with your friends? Yeah? It’s time to do that again. Be prepared for an awkward silence. :D

3. Start using IM again

This is the best time to bring MSN or ICQ back again. If you’re lucky you’ll find one or two friends still there. It could be fun, bringing the good ol’ days back.

4. Start planning to make a Facebook competitor

Make a plan. Discuss it with your friends. Decide to start working on it first thing tomorrow morning. Forget all about it the second Facebook goes online again.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr can be your new addiction, even worse addiction than Facebook. You’ll forget what happens when Facebook goes down as soon as Tumblr goes down. While you’re there follow WTFJeans Tumblr.

6. Sleep

If you’re not doing anything, go to sleep, you’re free now, Facebook can’t keep you awake late like it usually does.

7. Actually do some work

If you’re in a time zone where isn’t night time, try to actually do some work. You’ll probably do more than you do in a month. Take advantage of this situation, who knows when will it happen again.



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