Apps That Make Managing Money (And Your Life) Easier

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Managing money can get really complicated sometimes. At one point, you’ll forget to pay a bill, forget that Reward Card when you need it… We have some simple solutions for those problems.

Key Ring

OS: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
Price: Free

I must confess that I cried of happiness when I found this app. OK, how many Reward Cards do you have? I have just (I have a problem) 16 different cards. Now try to find a wallet with enough space for every single card you own. Most of the time, Reward Cards don’t get their own little space in your wallet. This app is so cool. You can finally get rid of unnecessary plastic and use your smartphone instead. It’s so easy to use it – open the app, scan the barcodes of your membership cards and just get the app ready when you’re in the checkout line. What if a store’s barcode scanners can’t scan your phone, you say? The app has an option for “unable to scan” and it gives your rewards number for the card you need.


OS: iOS, Android
Price: Free

Things like paying bills seems pretty important, right? And we know that not all of us are really good with organisation and remembering when we need to pay for what. I could be a billionaire and still have my mobile provider kill the service because I forgot to pay my bills. Manilla is perfect for this, you can manage every single bill using it. This app will send you a text message or email to tell you when it’s time to pay your bills.


OS: iOS, Android
Price: Free

You know those situations when you’re hanging out with your friends and by the end of the night you need to split the bill? Some have cash, others would like to use a credit card… It gets complicated every single time. Sending money to your friends using Venmo is a peace of cake. It makes life easier for everyone, especially if you need to split rent, utilities, dinner, drinks, movies, concert tickets, birthdays… anything really.

If 007 Wore Jeans

Back To The Future Predictions That Never Came True

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Back in the days, everyone was obsessed with Back to the Future. Second part of that famous trilogy had some really cool predictions for the future, to be precise, for 2015. We still have two more years to go, but most of those cool things are ages away from being a part of our reality.

The Black & Decker Food Hydrator

The electric food dehydrator is an oven-like device, you put in a miniature version of the food you want to eat and seconds later you’re enjoying a fresh full size meal. We’re not even close to having compact food like that.

Thumbprint instead of credit cards

In the movie, Biff pays for a cab by just pressing his thumb onto a machine. We just (almost) replaced cash with credit cards. Way the go, modern society. The intriguing thing is that we are slowly replacing keys and passwords with our thumbprints, but we won’t have a portable ATM on our finger any time soon. Sorry, guys.

Flying cars

As a kid, I honestly thought we’d have flying cars by now. Back to the Future thought that also. That 20 years younger version of me is crying every time I think how disappointing that is. Electric cars are still a big deal and people are still a bit skeptical about them. We’re ages from any sign of flying cars.

People working out while eating

We are living in the time where obesity is one of the biggest health problems. Did you notice that year 2015 in Back to the Future doesn’t have any obese people? Did you notice people working out at the restaurant while eating? We still have two years until 2015, but I doubt we will solve the problem with obesity.


Back in the days when Back to the Future came out, every single kid wanted a Hoverboard. We can’t say that no one tried to make one, but every single time it was a fail. Or it was a success, but it wasn’t the Hoverboard. The criteria is simple – it needs to a) be a board and b) hover. The closest try was a replica of the Howerboard, but it needs some help to hover and it can’t take a lot of weight. There are still two years left until 2015 and we can still dream and hope for a miracle, right?

Working on a new product – WTFShirt

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I hope your new year started successfully. Instead of a hangover, we in WTFJeans started our year in creative mood. I wanted to let you know that since the New Year’s party we started working on a new product, a male shirt.

Working on a new product - WTFShirt

From the very beginning of WTFJeans project, we wanted to make products that we personally need and products that are hard to find in other shops. We will remain true to that idea when it comes to designing WTFShirt.

So it happens that after covering our butts, we need to put something on our shoulders too. At the same time, we do not want it to be yet another in a series of shirts that will look like every other shirt. We want to make a shirt that is cool, but functional – integration of the smartphone pocket was mandatory :)

We presented our problem to the engineers and designers from the manufacture and they are now working on the first prototype which should be done in approximately 15 days. As soon as they finish it, we will show you how we envision our WTFShirt. Until then, if you have some ideas for WTFShirt design, what would you want to see and buy – feel free to contact us at pedja [at] wtfjeans [dot] com. With great pleasure, we will consider each and every idea.

For everyone that still didn’t get their pair of WTFJeans V2, we are offering a discount code worth $10 that you can use until the end of January, or send it to someone as a gift. During the purchase, just enter a promo code: JAN2013 and voilà ;)

Once again, thank you for all the support you are giving us!

Everyday Cosplay: Dress Like Your Favorite Character

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Cosplay is usually reserved only for conventions and events like Comic-Con, but I don’t see the reason why we wouldn’t be able to dress like out favorite characters every day. Yeah OK, maybe your boss won’t be glad to see you dressed up like Iron Man, but you can find some characters that dress appropriate for everyday life.

Sheldon Lee Cooper

Dressing like Sheldon is pretty easy, you’ll need just a cool T-shirt with a geek print. You can find cool T-shirts on websites like ThinkGeek, you can’t go wrong with shirts with a superhero print, the famous Sheldon Green Lantern shirt is from ThinkGeek. Wear the T-shirt over a long sleeve shirt and don’t worry what pants to wear, any jeans or cargo pants will be awesome (even though we know Sheldon would love WTFJeans).

Captain Malcom Reynolds

Every Firefly fan loves Cpt Mal and the way he dresses. Find a brown (or any other earthy solid color) collared, buttoned, long sleeved shirt and a cream or gray pants. Shirts and pants similar to ones that Captain wore, you can find at Wild West Mercantile. Don’t forget to get suspenders! If you thing that wearing boots would be too much to wear them every day, just wear normal shoes, and leave boots, and pistol belt for geek conventions and costume parties. And don’t forget to get a cool coat, JonathanALogan has a big offer of Movie Star jackets, so they have the Malcom Jacket too.

Doctor Who

If you’re looking for a more gentleman-like look, Doctor Who is your guy. Any buttoned long sleeved shirt will do the trick, just find a right bow tie for it and suspenders in a matching color. Finding the right jacket won’t be a problem to find, it’s pretty fashionable these days, and you’ll find it in any clothing store. You can wear just normal jeans on it, instead of dressy shoes, Converse All Star will look awesome. In the end, most importantly, don’t forget the trench coat. You can find it in almost any store, but also you can order an authentic coat online at

Must-Have Geek Clothing Items

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Geek clothing are not just shirts with clever prints on it, at least not anymore. Besides yours truly WTFJeans, today you can find geek shoes, dresses, skirts, bags, ties, baby clothes… you name it.

Converse All Star Super Mario

If you are a late 80′s or early 90′s kid, you’ll probably die to have these shoes. Just ask yourself will the child in you hate you if you don’t get them. That’s your answer. P.S. It’s a rare and limited edition, so don’t think twice.

[via Cool High Tops]

HALO Zero messenger bag

All of us who like to/have to walk or ride a bike in dark know how risky can it be. HALO Zero bag has an embedded LED fiber optic strip which is powered by two CR2025 batteries and lasts 20 hours on solid mode. The bag is black, but you can get LED in green, yellow, blue or red. Also, it has three modes: strobe, flash, and solid.

[via Kickstarter]

Steampunk heels with LEDs

I don’t know a single geek girl who wouldn’t want a pair of these shoes. The back part of the shoes are covered with gears, and the heels and toes are illuminated with blue or red LEDs.

[via Fashionably Geek]

Circuit board tie

Actually, not a lot of geeks I know like to wear ties, but I’m sure they would change their minds after seeing this one. The circuit board print is printed so carefully that it looks like the real thing.

[via Etsy]

Doctor Who Tardis baby tutu

Geek clothes are not reserved only for geeks, geek parents now have an opportunity to dress up their little ones (and pray they will turn into geeks one day). Doctor Who tutu is one of cutest baby clothes I’ve ever seen and you don’t need to wait for your baby to get big enough to wear this, there’s a size available even for newborns.

[via Etsy]

Princess Leia costume

If mommy and daddy are true Star Wars fans, they should make sure they teach their kids right from the day one. Every little girl will look adorable in Princess Leia costume and one day she will be thankful for all the cool geek photos she has.

Update Your Bucket List: Geek Travel Destinations

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If you have a bucket list, this is the right time to update it. We are bringing you some of top geek destinations, from movie locations to nuclear disaster zone.

Middle Earth (New Zealand)

More than 150 locations throughout New Zealand were used to film The Lord of the Rings trilogy and with the diversity and beauty of the New Zealand landscape, who wouldn’t want to visit Middle Earth? The rolling hills of Matamata are now known as Hobbiton, the volcanic region of Ruapehu a.k.a. Mt. Doom where Sauron forged the ring. New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown, was the setting for numerous scenes including Eregion Hills and the Pillars of Argonath.

Tatooine (Tunisia)

Every Star Wars fan should know that Tatooine is the home planet of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, and it is one of the most iconic planets in the Star Wars universe. Tunisia should be on every geek’s bucket list.

Area 51 (Roswell, New Mexico)

It really doesn’t matter if you are a conspiracy theory sort of person, but every geek should still see the appeal in going to Roswell. Take a drive close to the Area 51, take photos, talk about conspiracy theories, eat an alien shaped burger. It’s going to be a fun trip for the entire family.

Kennedy Space Center (Orlando, Florida)

This is like Disneyland for space addicts, you can tour launch areas, meet a veteran astronaut, see giant rockets, train in spaceflight simulators, and even view a launch. Show me a single geek who wouldn’t be happy as a child on Christmas morning while walking among towering rockets.

Silicon Valley, California

Silicon Valley is the southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California and it is home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations as well as thousands of small startups. Google, Apple, Adobe, eBay, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook… we could go on and on. The point is that every important tech corporation or startup is here and it would be a shame not to visit it.

Austin, Texas

After Silicon Valley, we have Austin also called “Silicon Hills”. Austin is the host to many tech companies, but the real attraction lies in the projects that geek workforce goes to work on after hours. SXSW interactive festival is the most popular  festival that brings scores of entrepreneurs, visionaries and all-around geeks to talk tech. SXSW isn’t just a tech festival, it is a music and film festival too, so if you find yourself in Austin in March, SXSW is the thing to do.

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine

If you visit Ukraine, you can actually take a trip to The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The Zone is the area which was evacuated after the disaster, it looks like something we see only in zombie movies. Entry requires a government permit, and exit requires a full body scan to show that your radiation dose is within the allowable limits. It’s definitely a once in the lifetime experience.

Sometimes You Need To Control Your Geekiness

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There are a lot of people trying to make some rules what geeks should do, should know, should watch, should, should, should. If you’re a geek, I’m sure you know that by now and there is no point for trying to explain you what you are. Maybe you don’t need anyone telling you how to be a geek, you maybe just need a few advices to avoid some silly mistakes.

[via Rob Knight]

Never brag among non-geek population

We all did this mistake more than once. Bragging about your programming skills to someone from your family or to your neighbors is never a good idea. Everything you say they will interpret as “he’s good with computers”, and what will happen after that? Every time something doesn’t work on their computers, they will call you. “Hey buddy, last night I changed my screensaver, but this morning the old one is still on my screen. I don’t know what to do. Can you come over?” If you’re crazy enough and you actually go and help the man in need, you’ll probably end up fixing at least ten more things that don’t work. Next time just skip talking about computers and stuff.

Don’t show off your geekiness when calling tech support

Sometimes you are forced to call tech support, because sometimes only they can fix the problem. Don’t tell them what’s wrong. Don’t explain them what did you do to fix it. Just tell them “It just stopped working, don’t know why, please help me” and that’s it. If you show them that you know more than them, you’ll just confuse them.

Jobs & Zuckerberg: Jeans Are Better Than Suits

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Wearing jeans was a symbol of youth rebellion during the 1950s and because of that, they were banned in public places like theaters, restaurants and schools. Today, wearing jeans isn’t anything unusual, everybody wears them. Still, in some situations they are not considered acceptable, but you can always find rebels among us. These men wear jeans whenever they can, no matter if everyone around them are in suits. They are rebels of our generation. Geeks. Genius.

Steven Paul Jobs

Occupation: entrepreneur. co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc

It’s really hard to find a single Steve’s photo without him wearing jeans. His signature style was a pair of Levi’s 501, a black cashmere turtleneck shirt and a pair of New Balance sneakers. This was his form of public camouflage, he dressed blandly appropriate and never distracting. As all Apple fans are loyal to the brand, he showed loyalty to brands he wore. We will be always remembered as a genius, by his products and his personal style.


Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Occupation: computer programmer, Internet entrepreneur, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Facebook, Inc.

This guy is worth more than $9.4 billion, but when it comes to clothes, he likes to keep it simple. A pair of jeans, simple shirt, snickers or flip flops. It seems that he purposely tries to look like he is the same guy that he was before Facebook era. In one of interviews Mark said that he likes to wear the same thing every day and that he owns maybe 20 gray shirts that he’s famous for. When it comes to jeans he loves elastic waist jeans which he has often referred to as “The future of Jeans”.

Dark Side Of Twitter

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Twitter is awesome. We all love Twitter. Sometimes your followers feel like a family. Yeah, that’s great, but sometimes disturbing things happen. Pretty often Twitter’s Trending Topic leaves me speechless. Sometimes I spend a lot of my time reading tweets under some hashtag, not believing what I’m reading..


I can’t decide should Justin Bieber be terrified because he has crazy fans or proud because he has really loyal fans. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is disturbed by crazy ass teenagers. JB smoked weed. Weed. Big freaking deal. The problem is that his fans are kids who are thinking that weed is the worst thing in the world, but their actions these day cannot be called overreaction. I would call it stupidity and disrespect. First of all, there are people who have/had really problems with self harm and it’s not clever to use that just as a stupid protest because a teen pop star smoked weed. My generation didn’t do that when we found out that Britney isn’t a virgin. I’m I the only one who wants to slap their parents?


Physical violence is already a big problem in our society and it was a problem for a very long time. Few times before, Twitter removed different disturbing topic, but they didn’t see anything wrong with this one. They have a silly policy that states “if you don’t like a topic, don’t read about it.” Violence is never OK. It should not be joked about, it should not be a trending topic on Twitter.


This was one of the saddest and disturbing trending topics. I always thought that homophobes are older people born and raised in a different time, but this proved me wrong. Tweets with this hashtag are mostly written by teens and young adults saying what would they do to their child if he/she was gay. “#ToMyUnbornChild if you so much as think about being a homosexual I’ll put a bullet in your damn skull.”, “#ToMyUnbornChild if your gay i will beat you to death with a bible”, “#ToMyUnbornChild if your a girl i will drown you in the bathtub, and if your a guy and your turn into a faggot ill kill you”… and many many more. This is a perfect example what’s wrong with this world. If you can hate your unborn child, how can anyone expect from you to be tolerant to other people.

We should use social networks to make a difference in this world, not for spreading more hate.

Tech Sex: New Era Of Sexting

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Let’s talk about sex. The time when geeks couldn’t get any is long behind us and we’re living in the time when sex isn’t just reserved for the bedroom. Cybersex and sexting are a part of our life no matter are we in a long distance relationship or just trying to spice up our sex life. Dirty talk and photos via email, IM or video call via Skype are not anything new and we all did it at least once. 1 in 5 Americans admit they sext or share explicit photos with others on using smartphones.

[Photo by maha-online]


Love sexting? Learn the important acronyms to make your life easier. Google it. (btw. it’s get your panties off, get naked right now, are you horny, I want sex now, get naked on the camera. You’re welcome.)

Safe sexting

Sexting is not only fun and games, you should make sure your texts and photos stay private. Tweak your settings so messages don’t automatically pop up on your screen, protect your phone with a password. You probably know that by now, but there’s one more thing. What when your phone (or computer) dies? You take it for a repair. Make sure you don’t have anything on your drive that you wouldn’t mind sharing publicly.

Long distance sex toys

Let’s go a step further. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a long distance relationship or someone had to go on a business trip, offers a few different sex toys with a software control. Yeah, that’s right, one person has a toy and the other one is controlling it using their computer. It sure looks fun.

Smartphone sex simulator

It’s called Love Palz  and it’s a new concept of motion sensing technology that aims to create physical feelings as real as possible in virtual sex experience. This is probably the closest thing to the development of a teleportation machine. They say it has an unbelievable control; motion sensing technology sense your motions and immediately send them real time to your lover via internet connection. I guess the era of one-person sex toys is over.

I Just Made Love App

In the end, when you’re done with sex, it’s time to share it. Hey, we check in for a lot of different things, why wouldn’t sex be one 0f it? I Just Made Love is a Foursquare for sex, check in where, when and how, and check the sex life of the people in you neighborhood.  Unfortunately, there’s no points or badges for check-ins.