Get Ready For V-Day: Nothing Says “I Love You” Better Than A DIY Present

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Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about spending a lot of money just to show somebody how much you love them. Everyone will love to have something cute that they got from their loved one. Nothing says “I love you” more than do-it-yourself present.

Princess and Super Hero Peg Doll Valentines

Everybody can do this and it’s a really cool present. You just need to paint Wood Peg Dolls into a superhero or a princess and make a funny message for your loved one. I found a great tutorial for it, so no excuses that you don’t have any time to make a present, this one is perfect fot last minute present idea.

[via bugger-dixonline]

His & Her Mug

We all have plain white mugs sitting somewhere in our kitchens, being anything but special. Here’s a tutorial to make them special. You’ll just need a marker pen and some imagination. Draw or write anything you want and after you’re done, bake it for 30 minutes in the owen before washing. You can do this to any a piece of tableware you find.

[via A Beautiful Mess]

Make Your Own Coffee Syrup

If your loved one is a big coffee lover, he/she will absolutely love this. Making a syrup isn’t hard, just follow the recipe. You can always find more recipes online, if you want some other flavor. After you’re done, add decorative labels or ribbons to the bottles to make them extra special.

[via A Beautiful Mess]

Strawberry Vodka & Pink Vanilla Sugar

Here’s an awesome adult gift idea – an alcohol drink (because you can’t go wrong with it :D). Make a cute Martini gift set - Strawberry Infused Vodka and Pink Vanilla Sugar. I tried this recipe and believe me, once you make this, it won’t be just one time thing, it’s delicious.

[via My Baking Addiction]

Relationship Timeline Maps

This one is my absolute favorite present. So much love inside of something this simple. Print out maps of the places that have a special meaning for your relationship, like the place you met, got engaged and married. Mark the exact place where that happened and put it in a frame. This isn’t anything too crafty, but it will mean the world to your special someone.

[via Peanut Butter Fingers]


Last minute I-have-no-present idea

If you didn’t make/buy a present for your loved one, you shouldn’t feel bad. Make him/her a dinner, light up some candles, put some nice music on and spend a quiet romantic evening with your special someone. Or pop a bottle of wine and put their favorite movie on. Just spend some time alone with them and enjoy it. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about gifts, it’s about the person you love.

If 007 Wore Jeans

Find A Perfect Pair Of Jeans With Minimum Fuss

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Buying a pair of jeans isn’t like buying a shirt. It’s not enough to know the size you (usually) wear to find a pair of jeans that fit.

Measuring tape is your best friend

Measure around your waist where you want the top of your jeans to sit, the distance between the closure of your jeans to the bottom of the crotch of the jeans, the distance from the crotch of the jeans to the bottom of the leg. Before going out to shop for jeans (or before buying them online), be sure you check out the website of the jeans you want. Most of the websites have a size guide that will make your life easier. For the example, WTFJeans has a Size Guide where you can get information about sizes and how to find your size. In a few minutes and a measuring tape, you’ll have no problems with finding your size.

Stick with straight fits

Straight (classic), boot, skinny, loose… I could go on and on. After you tried different fits, there’s a big possibility that you will end up buying a straight fit jeans. There’s a good reason why straight fit is also called classic fit. Straight fit is awesome for for a timeless look with minimum fuss, and it’s especially flattering for tall guys. Straight fit never goes out of style.

Look for timeless washes

We all know how long can jeans last. Denim is almost indissoluble, so one you buy a pair make sure you will want to wear them for long time. If you picked out the straight fit jeans, you’ve done half the job finding a perfect jeans. You just need to find a wash that will remain stylish for years. Original blue jeans are now one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. They go with absolutely everything and you will never regret buying them. Slightly faded blue jeans are more casual option, but they still look good with a nice sports coat and shirt. You can never go wrong with dark denim. You can even wear them to the office with a white button-down shirt and blazer.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for straight fit jeans with a timeless wash, WTFJeans has a perfect jeans for you. ;)

How To Make Money Sitting On Your Couch

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Being jobless today isn’t anything unusual. Is that a reason to complain about money? No, it isn’t. Our generation has a big advantage there, we have a little thing called Internet. I’m not talking about all those shady online “jobs” that ask you to download some software and all those nonsense. Use your skills to earn some extra money, it doesn’t matter do you have a job or not. And you can do it sitting on you couch in your PJs. :)


99Designs, Elance, Freelancer and iWriter

This is my favorite way to get some extra money. Freelancing is awesome way to earn extra money next to your everyday job, but it can be your primary job too, it all depends how much work you get/take. You can find everything on these sites, from design jobs to writing jobs, everyone can find something for themselves.

Sell stuff online

It doesn’t matter if you’re making something or are you selling stuff you don’t need anymore, you can sell it easily. eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and similar websites will make your life easier. Get rid of all the things you don’t need anymore, or start making something you can sell. Only the sky is limit.

Sell products you designed (but you don’t own)

I’m sure you heard about Cafe Press. Design stuff like t-shirts, magnets and mugs, without taking on the cost of having inventory that you can’t sell. Websites like Cafe Press gives you a virtual storefront, and you earn money when your products sell (and if nothing sells, it costs you nothing). These are awesome if you already have an established brand and want to sell your branded gear.

Write reviews

Ohhh yeah, you can get pay for writing reviews about anything out there. There are some sites like Social Spark and Pay Per Post that will pay you to write reviews on your blog for different products and services. Anybody can do this.
Have you found any easy and fun ways to make money?

Girl Geek Power: Two Ultimate (And Hot) Girl Geeks

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I don’t know why, but sometimes people act like girl geeks are still a myth. You can hear a lot of complaining about fake girl geeks, when we should talk about and celebrate geek girls around us, not just fictional characters. I wanted to share with you two of my favorite geeks in this world. This girls rock, every geek’s wet dream.

Felicia Day


I’ll be honest, Felicia is my ultimate girl crush. She’s a hot redhead, cute, smart and ultimate geek girl, and proud of it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch The Guild, webseries created and written by Felicia. You have six seasons of it so far, and I promise you, once you start watching it, you won’t be able to stop. She was in some sci-fi series including Eureka, Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At this point, except The Guild, she works on Geek and Sundry, another geek-related webseries. And she runs a weekly blog The Flog. Whatever this girl does is pure gold. If I haven’t found myself a husband, I’d marry Felicia. Girl, I adore you, leave me your number, we should have a drink sometimes and geek out.

Katee Sackhoff


I’d lie if I said that I don’t have a crush on Katee too. She’s known for her role as the tough-girl Starbuck in Battlestar Gallactica. Even though she classifies herself as more of a girly-type girl, she can kick your ass anytime. If your a gamer, comic geek or a movie geek, you’ll love her. Sackhoff provided the voice of a female marine in the video game Halo 3 and is also featured in the viral marketing campaign for Resistance 2. She also voiced Black Cat 2099 in Spider-Man: Edge of Time and Sarah Essen in the DC Comics animated film, Batman: Year One. You’re going to see her next to Vin Diesel in the role of Dahl in the Chronicles of Riddick sequel coming out in September. There’s is going to be a female version of The Expendables, and Ketee will be in it. Producer Adi Shankar was had a great comment on it: If you spend five minutes with Katee it becomes blatantly obvious that she would pwn most male action stars. One more thing, if you didn’t notice, she’s freaking hot.

King of the Nerds: Awesome Nerd Reality Show or Complete Mockery?

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It would be really hard to count how many reality shows started in the last few years. There’s at least five reality shows for every aspect of life. Every single, pardon me for the expression, dumbass can get a reality show these days. A more then a week ago we got a new type of reality show, one for nerds.

Ohh boy, I was so skeptical about this, but it seems that this show is FOR nerd and it doesn’t make fun of them, it celebrates everything being geek and nerd stand for. The plot of the show is to move in eleven self-described “nerds”  in a house together like on MTV’s The Real World and get them to compete in a series of challenges until one of them is deemed the ruler of them all.  The mansion is called “Nerdvana” and it’s  filled with game rooms and decorated with geeky artifacts. Just go and watch the first episode, it looks amazing, a nerd heaven. In the end, the winner gets to sit in the “Throne of Games” and win $100,000. One player is eliminated each week in a test of nerd skills and knowledge.

You get to see every kind of nerd possible – live-action role player, PhD neuroscience student, professional gamer, game reviewer, fantasy writer, MIT grad student, game developer and fire dancer, Georgia Tech student who is obsessed with mathematics and theoretical physics, Host and producer of geek-themed web show and former paranormal investigator, planetary protection engineer at NASA, a brain science student. The awesome part boy/girl ratio is 50/50 (and some of the girls are pretty cute).

Just one thing. Before you start to judge this show, give it a chance. It’s pretty fun. Actually,  it is surprisingly good. The first and second episode have already aired, the shows airs on Thursdays, 10 pm EDT.

Geek Travel Adventure: Plan Ahead, Keep Your Gadgets Safe

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Traveling is more than just finding a location and paying for your trip there and an accommodation. Every trip should be an adventure, but even that adventure you need to plan out. OK, so you got your passport, your plane/bus/train ticket, you reserved your hotel, you know the destination, that’s great, I just prepared few tips that will make your trip more enjoyable and relaxing.

Plan where to go and what to see

After finding a destination, the best way to ensure that you’re going to seize the time i is to plan what to see. My favorite little helpers are Tripadvisor and GogobotYou can find all the top locations, museums, restaurants and other interesting stuff using this websites. The best part is that you can decide what to see and what to skip just by reading reviews other users. It really helps a lot, I never had a single unpleasant experience following tips.

Google Maps are lifesaver when it comes to exploring big cities. My absolutely favorite thing about Google Maps is Google Transit. Seriously, if you manage to get lost after using this, you shouldn’t live your home. Ever. Google Transit makes you a route to come from A to B via public transportation and you get a schedule too! You won’t miss your car at all.

Maybe you would never consider using Flickr or Twitter for planning, but they can be really useful. Search your destination using into Flickr Places if you want to visit something that you won’t find in tourist guides. You’ll find a lot of cool places to see thanks to locals who know their neighborhood’s hidden secrets. Twitter is awesome for that too. Search your destination under a hashtag and you’ll probably cool  insights your guidebook will miss.

Take care of your gadgets

OK, so you’re leaving your geek-friendly zone and stepping outside into unknown. You need to get prepared so your gadgets (and you) don’t suffer.

If you don’t want to rely on finding a good internet cafe (I don’t know why am I mentioning this, of course you don’t), you need to get a cable lock for your laptop. You don’t want to know how many unsecured laptops get stolen in hotel rooms, so spare yourself the trouble and lock your loved laptop. Another thing, don’t forget to check does your hotel offer a free WiFi. You can also find a list of free WiFi spots worldwide on

If you need/like to be connected 24/7, like I do, you should get a prepaid SIM card in the country your visiting. Roaming is outrages expensive and local SIM cards are usually pretty cheap. I don’t need to explain how much easier is to have Internet on your phone when you’re traveling. Hello, Google Maps! If you have a locked phone and you can’t use other SIM cards, ask your carrier if they have any special offers for roaming, most of them have some roaming rates that will make using Internet a bit cheaper.

If you’re going to be gone for a longer time, consider investing in travel insurance to cover your expensive gear. It usually isn’t too expensive and you may even be able to get a replacement before you get home. This is awesome for anyone that has more than one gadget.


James Bond’s Super Cool Gadgets That Actually Exist Today

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From all older movies, James Bond movies came the closest to predicting our today’s technology. Even today, when we watch old Bond movies, the gadgets are pretty impressive. Back then no one could imagine that we would use some of Bond’s gadgets every day.

Satellite Navigation/GPS

The most recognizable Bond vehicle , the Aston Martin DB5 first appeared in Goldfinger back in 1964.  Q never really explained how the tracking devive in the DB5 works, but is one we know today as Satellite Navigation, or a Global Positioning System (GPS). Today we use GPS to find a nearby restaurant, not for a smuggling kingpin, but considering that GPS wasn’t developed until the late 1960s, and not completed until 1994, Q was ahead of the time and that’s why we love him.

Underwater Camera

In Thunderball back in 1965, James uses  a nearly unbelievable gadget – an underwater camera. The prototype used in filming was known as the Calypso-Nikkor and it was an invention of Belgian engineer Jean De Wouters and Nikon. Actually it was designed for use by Jacques Cousteau, after the movie the camera became known as the ‘Nikonos’ line, and was the first widely-produced underwater camera.


First time we have seen a laser was in Goldfinger (1964) when Goldfinger tried to cut Bond in half  with a laser powerful enough to cut steel. We couldn’t even imagine that one day we will be able to buy a laser that fits in out pocket, even though we’re using it mostly to play with our cat.


In the 1965 movie Thunderball, James Bond uses Q’s Jetpack to escape from two gunmen after killing Jacques Bouvar. It was the coolest James Bond gadget ever featured in Bond movies. The Bell Rocket Belt is also known as the simulated Lunar Flying Vehicle and it was actually built by Bell Aerospace for NASA in the mid-Sixties. So, it’s real, I just don’t know why we don’t have one.

Fingerprint Scanner

Maybe you remember it from Diamonds Are Forever (1971) when Bond fooled a biometric scanner by a fake fingerprint.  No one knew that we would have that small fingerprint scanners all around us, like on our computers and smartphones, but it’s way too sophisticated to be fooled by a lifeless prosthesis that James used. Sorry James.


Fake fingerprints

As I mentioned, Bond fooled a biometric scanner by a fake fingerprint in Diamonds Are Forever (1971). In fact, scientists have managed to create artificial handprints that even trick biometric systems. I actually found a how-to make a fake fingerprint, even though I’m sure most of today’s scanners won’t recognize it as a print.

Coffee VS. Rational Behavior

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I try to publish one blog post daily and sometimes I have so much work that by the end of my day I’m too tired to type. This time I decided to make a video instead of writing a post. That wasn’t one of my brightest ideas. It was after midnight and I was so tired, and it was my first time making a video. After watching it today, I almost fell asleep and I needed not one, but two coffees. I’m talking way to slow being too careful how I’m talking, since English isn’t my native language, and it’s taking me forever to say everything I planned to say.

I’m still posting this, since I spent a lot of time making it (believe me, other videos are worse) and please bear with me.  I’ll do my best to make the next video better. Even though I’m talking how you should stop drinking coffee, get one before watching this video, you’ll need it. :)


Geek Tips For Planning Your Wedding

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The Big Day should be the happiest day of your life, but everyone who ever planned a wedding knows how stressful that can be. There are some really cool easy-to-use apps and websites that will make your life easier and planning fun. And it should be fun, it’s your wedding. :)


OS: iOs, Android
Purpose: all-in-one wedding planner
Price: Free

Noeeva has so many useful features, I can’t decide which one I like the most. Save the date is basically as social part of this app, you can share the wedding date with your loved ones so they can reserve that date only for your wedding. Make your wedding to do lists, control your budget with Budgeter, manage your guest list. Schedule your appointments and payments, guys will have no excuse when they miss important wedding planning appointments. You can even plan your honeymoon on this app.

Google Weddings

Purpose: all-in-one web planner
Price: Free

Google Weddings are basically wedding-specific templates in Google Sites, Google Docs and Picnik for save-the-dates, wedding websites, planning materials, invitations and more. It’s simple and it’s easy to use, and believe me, it helps a lot when you are completely clueless when it comes to planning a wedding. Also, Google found a wedding planner Michelle Rago to provide tips and guidance on which designs to use.

Wedding Dress Look Book

OS: iOS, Android
Purpose: finding the perfect dress
Price: Free

Future brides to be, if you’re busy and and you don’t have that much time to try on every single dress, you will love this app. You just need to put in details of the sort of build you are, your personality, your best features, problem areas and the app will the sift through offers and come up with some suggestions to make you look your very best. After finding a prefect type of the wedding dress, dress shopping will be easy.

WordPress wedding

Purpose: wedding websites
Price: Free

Take your wedding planing to the next level and make your own wedding website. This is the best way to keep your guests informed about all of the details of your wedding day. Your guests can use your WordPress wedding website to RSVP. You can create an online guestbook for your friends and family to leave messages. There’s also a widget to track how many days are left until the Big Day. You can blog about your wedding and you can add maps so your guests don’t get lost. My favorite part of this is that after your wedding you can have your guests upload images and videos straight to your website.
If you’re planning a wedding, we hope we helped to make it easier and we wish you all the best in your married life. :)