New experience: FuturAD conference

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Lots of interesting things have happened since the last time I’ve updated our blog.
The production of BETA will soon be finished, the packaging is prepared, and we’re only waiting for the factory to do their part of the job.

I’m not gonna tell you now about all these details. Today, I would like to tell you about a completely new experience I’ve had.

New experience: FuturAD conference
If you’re wondering what’s on my T-shirt, it says “Don’t stare at my tits, I’ll blog it” :)

Few days after the web-shop was on-line, and all these great things have happened, I was invited to attend FuturAD conference in Zagreb, Croatia, and to present the wtfJeans case-study. The conference was organized by Interactive Advertising Bureau and Best Marketing Croatia and it was held on 24th and 25th of March.

I admit it was a big challenge, because I have never been on stage in front of so many people. Being a part of an elementary school theater-play with another 50 kids does not count here. :)
Preparing a presentation was not a problem, although I’ve somehow deleted it a day before my trip to Croatia, but these things happen when you don’t press ctrl+S often enough. ;)

Lots of my friends from Zagreb were there too. And at the same time it was both a great support and a huge responsibility. I simply needed to give my best!

New experience: FuturAD conference
Yours truly, big stage and wtfJeans photo behind me

When I’ve stepped at that big stage, and the technicians gave me the microphone, the one that reminds of a Madonna-kind-of-thing, I’ve looked at the audience, just took a deep breathe and said to myself “The show starts now. Too late for running away!” :) I had a stage fright for the first couple of minutes, but the moment I’ve started to talk about the 5th of March, a day when wtfJeans was at twitter’s trending topic, all that anxiety have disappeared somehow, and I’ve almost felt connected to all these people.

New experience: FuturAD conference
Sanja, Ivan Brezak Brkan (friend,he designed our logo and written most of the text at our web-shop front page), Pedja, Borja (great friend, who supported us from the beginning)

All I wanted was to show them how we’ve managed to spread the story about our project by using only social media channels (Twitter, FB, blog…) and I wanted them to know how much we’re enjoying what we do. Another important thing was explaining them that every question from our customers, every blog entry about us, every follower on Twitter, every single person that at least have re-tweeted us – all these people have helped us to make a wtfJeans project better and successful.

New experience: FuturAD conference
Just some geeks checking out WiFi connection ;)

I think I’ve made a good presentation. I think that all these attendees at FuturAD now do understand that one doesn’t need lots of investment or a good and well-paid marketing campaign. All you need is a project you believe in, good and trustworthy community, and lots of hart. With those things – everything is possible.

We really believe in our project. Both Pedja and I have been working 24/7 (and still do) and it paid off. I don’t get any more which-big-jeans-company-is-behind-this mails, no explanations needed anymore. People now know what wtfJeans is, they understand how and why we’ve made them. And they know that we just looooooooove what we do. :)

Photos by Smijesak & FuturAD

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