King of the Nerds: Awesome Nerd Reality Show or Complete Mockery?

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It would be really hard to count how many reality shows started in the last few years. There’s at least five reality shows for every aspect of life. Every single, pardon me for the expression, dumbass can get a reality show these days. A more then a week ago we got a new type of reality show, one for nerds.

Ohh boy, I was so skeptical about this, but it seems that this show is FOR nerd and it doesn’t make fun of them, it celebrates everything being geek and nerd stand for. The plot of the show is to move in eleven self-described “nerds”  in a house together like on MTV’s The Real World and get them to compete in a series of challenges until one of them is deemed the ruler of them all.  The mansion is called “Nerdvana” and it’s  filled with game rooms and decorated with geeky artifacts. Just go and watch the first episode, it looks amazing, a nerd heaven. In the end, the winner gets to sit in the “Throne of Games” and win $100,000. One player is eliminated each week in a test of nerd skills and knowledge.

You get to see every kind of nerd possible – live-action role player, PhD neuroscience student, professional gamer, game reviewer, fantasy writer, MIT grad student, game developer and fire dancer, Georgia Tech student who is obsessed with mathematics and theoretical physics, Host and producer of geek-themed web show and former paranormal investigator, planetary protection engineer at NASA, a brain science student. The awesome part boy/girl ratio is 50/50 (and some of the girls are pretty cute).

Just one thing. Before you start to judge this show, give it a chance. It’s pretty fun. Actually,  it is surprisingly good. The first and second episode have already aired, the shows airs on Thursdays, 10 pm EDT.

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