Geek Travel Adventure: Plan Ahead, Keep Your Gadgets Safe

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Traveling is more than just finding a location and paying for your trip there and an accommodation. Every trip should be an adventure, but even that adventure you need to plan out. OK, so you got your passport, your plane/bus/train ticket, you reserved your hotel, you know the destination, that’s great, I just prepared few tips that will make your trip more enjoyable and relaxing.

Plan where to go and what to see

After finding a destination, the best way to ensure that you’re going to seize the time i is to plan what to see. My favorite little helpers are Tripadvisor and GogobotYou can find all the top locations, museums, restaurants and other interesting stuff using this websites. The best part is that you can decide what to see and what to skip just by reading reviews other users. It really helps a lot, I never had a single unpleasant experience following tips.

Google Maps are lifesaver when it comes to exploring big cities. My absolutely favorite thing about Google Maps is Google Transit. Seriously, if you manage to get lost after using this, you shouldn’t live your home. Ever. Google Transit makes you a route to come from A to B via public transportation and you get a schedule too! You won’t miss your car at all.

Maybe you would never consider using Flickr or Twitter for planning, but they can be really useful. Search your destination using into Flickr Places if you want to visit something that you won’t find in tourist guides. You’ll find a lot of cool places to see thanks to locals who know their neighborhood’s hidden secrets. Twitter is awesome for that too. Search your destination under a hashtag and you’ll probably cool  insights your guidebook will miss.

Take care of your gadgets

OK, so you’re leaving your geek-friendly zone and stepping outside into unknown. You need to get prepared so your gadgets (and you) don’t suffer.

If you don’t want to rely on finding a good internet cafe (I don’t know why am I mentioning this, of course you don’t), you need to get a cable lock for your laptop. You don’t want to know how many unsecured laptops get stolen in hotel rooms, so spare yourself the trouble and lock your loved laptop. Another thing, don’t forget to check does your hotel offer a free WiFi. You can also find a list of free WiFi spots worldwide on

If you need/like to be connected 24/7, like I do, you should get a prepaid SIM card in the country your visiting. Roaming is outrages expensive and local SIM cards are usually pretty cheap. I don’t need to explain how much easier is to have Internet on your phone when you’re traveling. Hello, Google Maps! If you have a locked phone and you can’t use other SIM cards, ask your carrier if they have any special offers for roaming, most of them have some roaming rates that will make using Internet a bit cheaper.

If you’re going to be gone for a longer time, consider investing in travel insurance to cover your expensive gear. It usually isn’t too expensive and you may even be able to get a replacement before you get home. This is awesome for anyone that has more than one gadget.


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