Barcamp Bodensee 2010

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Thanks to twitter, on Thursday evening we’ve found out there’ll be a BarCamp Bodensee 2010 in Konstanza. It’s on lake Bodensee, on the border between Germany and Switzerland which is about 240km from Strasbourg. Since it was Thursday evening and we’ve wanted to hit the road on Friday, we’ve decided to take a chance and try out CouchSurfing for a first time.

Barcamp Bodensee 2010
Photo by Harald [ha75]

What a great idea! It took us only 5 minutes to open the account and to find a host – and not just any host, but the one who’s also attending BarCamp! :) Thank you Thomas and Iona :)

The BarCamp started on Friday evening with a Warm-Up Party, and lasted till Sunday evening which meant 2 full days of great networking! About 230 people were participating, and it guaranteed there’ll be a lot of sessions: 45 on Saturday and 27 on Sunday. But, that wasn’t a problem at all since the sessions were held in HTWG Konstanz. It’s an University building 100m from the lake. So whether you wanted to participate in a session or to chit-chat with people at Strand Bar relaxed in a beach chair with a cocktail in your hand – the choice was all yours.

We’ve held one session “Advantages and disadvantages of PayPal’s payment system” and it turned out to be a really great and creative discussion with both experienced and unexperienced users of PayPal’s service.

The organization of BarCamp Bodensee was perfect! And I really don’t know how the organizers, Oliver Gassner as “project mind” and Patric Schmid as “man in charge”, have managed to do that. They’ve provided us everything: breakfasts, lunches and dinners, coffee and drinks trough the whole 2 days. And they’ve had a great sponsors, of course. But I’d like to single out one of them. Peter Eich has provided 50 free bicycles for the BarCampers so that we could see the lake’s area. Another reason why I’m singling-out Peter is that he’s made an video interview with us, and it’s published on his blog. Thanks, Peter!

Barcamp Bodensee 2010
Photo by Peter Eich

This was my 2nd and Pedja’s 4th BarCamp. And all that sharing of knowledge and experience simply astonishes me. Bunch of people who are more or less in the same industry, talking and discussing about business or a meaning of life (oh, yes, we’ve had that session too :) ) or just hanging around and chatting – it’s just great! I’ve learned some new tricks about how to be more efficient, I’ve discussed the idea of International BarCamp Network, I’ve participated in You Tube Movie Karaoke and I’ve cycled 20km with no problems at all – and all of that within just 2 days. Amazing experience!

And the last but not the least I want to mention a few people:
-Sacha Schlegel from Lichtenstein who was our CouchSurfing room-mate and with whom I’ve had wonderful talks and discussions. Hope to see you soon ;)
-Michele Capobianco from Switzerland, who was my partner at YT karaoke “Pulp Fiction with FB Farmville sub-titles” :))
-Justine Adam, great girl and a great web developer at Novelys in Strasbourg, she shares my “love” for red wines ;)
-the to-me-unknown person who managed to get that red sausages sponsorship – they were yummy/tasty/excellent! :))

So long, and thanks for all the fish/sausages until the next BarCamp Bodensee! :)

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5 Responses to “Barcamp Bodensee 2010”

  • Kim Bach says: 06/07/2010 at 7:42 pm

    Great meeting you and thanks for the energy you brought to the event, and will, most definitly, follow closely!

    • Sanja says: 06/07/2010 at 7:59 pm

      Kim it was great meeting you too, and playing Werewolfs ;) If you find out about some other BarCamp near by, just send me a mail, or tweet :)

  • oliver says: 06/07/2010 at 7:47 pm

    The sausage person was “also” me.
    I had talkted to the strandbar guy about sth else and asked: do you also serve food? and he said: we ware actually starting the barbecue season.

    he just refused to sell us steak, just the wurst ;)

    • Sanja says: 06/07/2010 at 8:06 pm

      I should’ve known that! :) And don’t worry about stakes : no one cared for steaks when those sausages were that good! :)) Thank you once again for everything. I hope we’ll meet again soon, at some International BarCamp maybe ;)

  • Justine says: 06/11/2010 at 9:50 am

    This was really a great BarCamp, great organization thanks to Oliver and the other people from there (thank you again to you guys!). Some cool sessions too :)

    And in fact, I “love” red wines ;)